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Veggie-Packed Weekly | Wk 43

Veggie-Packed Weekly | Wk 43

Mushroom Wellington

Mushroom Wellington is a satisfying meatless recipe with rich flavors and a wonderful combination of textures.

Mushroom Gravy

Creamy, with a bold flavor and tasty browned mushrooms, our mushroom gravy is a terrific sauce for special holiday meals and cozy family dinners.

Vegetarian Stuffing

This vegetarian stuffing is the perfect side dish to share with loved ones for a memorable holiday feast or a cozy family dinner.

Lentil Pasta

Lentil pasta is a nutritioustastyand wholesome traditional Italian recipe called pasta e lenticchie (pasta with lentils) made with ditalini pasta cooked in a rich and flavorful stew.

Castagnaccio - Italian Chestnut Flour cake

Castagnaccio is a traditional Italian chestnut flour cake that is easy to make, wholesome, nutritious, naturally vegan, and gluten-free.

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